Experts Reveal These 10 Things That Make You Less Attractive

13 October 2017

Most people think that how you look defines you. Well, that is almost true, just it’s contrary to that. How you present yourself is how you look. If you think you are a loser, then you will always be a loser, but if you show self-respect, others will respect you too and it will be visible, and with that, you will become more attractive. Here are some things of how to present yourself:

According to a study in Sweden, people who hadn’t slept in 31 hours were less attractive, less healthy, and less happy than those who’d had at least 8 hours sleep.

Monday morning again

If you stress yourself too much and if you have anxiety it will show on you and you will be less attractive.

Stress. Woman stressed is going crazy pulling her hair in frustration. Close-up of young businesswoman on white.

A study conducted by the University of British Columbia found out that men who smile like they are overly happy are less attractive to women, and women who smiled like they are proud were less attractive to men. It seems that we need to do the opposite things.


Body language is very important thing when it comes to the looks. Good stance and good body language shows that you are capable of handling yourself.


One of the research showed that the couples were least attracted to each other had MHCs too close or too contrasting with each other, so how you smell really matters.


“The way to anyone’s heart is through their funny bone,” wrote R.J. Wilson. If you can make someone laugh, you are more than half way trough the way for them to like you.

Businessman making a dramatic funny face

People who look mean and are always in poor mood are, logically, less attractive.


Smoking and drinking is normal part of our lives but the fact is that if you don’t smoke or drink, you are more attractive.


Laziness is worst thing in our lives. It will destroy your career and people will tend to avoid unproductive persons.


It is good to see self-respect but if that goes into cockiness, it gets really anoyying and repulsive.


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Experts Reveal These 10 Things That Make You Less Attractive
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