15 Shocking Facts About Heath Ledger’s Role Of Joker

15 October 2017

If you watched Batman then you must share our opinion that Joker is not just an ordinary bad guy, but a rather brilliant and extremely smart character whose actions are thoroughly and logically planned and carried out.

Heath Ledger showed incredible acting skills and dedication to become that awesome character. Here are some awesome facts about Heath Ledger’s most famous role.

Nolan considered Heath to be the perfect actor for the role of the Joker, which actually earned Heath an Oscar.

2. The Joker Scared Michael Cane So Much That He Forgot His Lines

When he saw the Joker in his full makeup for the very first time, while making the elevator scene, he was so stunned and confused by Ledger’s intensity that he couldn’t remember his lines.

3. He Got An Oscar For The Villain Role

Best Supporting Actor was given to Ledger posthumously, which made him the first and only actor to be awarded a major Oscar for a superhero film

4. Heath Wanted To Really Become The Joker

He spent an incredible 43 days locked and isolated in a motel. The time he spent in solitude and isolation enabled him to present the Joker’s insanity and dark character traits in the most realistic way possible.

5. He Was Inspired by Alex DeLarge

Alex De Large, the lead character from the iconic film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ served as the main influence for the Joker’s gestures and movements.

6. He Asked Christian Bale To Hit Him For Real

While filming the scene in which Batman was questioning the Joker, Ledger actually asked Christian Bale to punch him really hard and to not restrain himself, so he could get best reaction possible.

7. A Disturbing Diary Have Been Found That Belonged To Heath

Ledger used to keep a diary in which he wrote down random things, things that the Joker would consider as humor and all the tragic news stories that were happening at the time.

8. Was He Mad Or Ingenious?

Everything he did was thoroughly and strategically planned and performed, without any imperfections. It has been long discussed whether he was really mad or a true genius.

9. He Enjoyed To Improvise

He would frequently add new dialogue, expressions or movements that weren’t in the script.

10. Heath Created His Own Makeup

Heath bought makeup in pharmacy, cheap and bad makeup and applied it himself so it can look more realistic and accurate.

11. In And Out

His colleagues were astounded how he could easily go in and out of the role. Sometimes he would skate around the set in his costume and makeup. It was terrifying.

12. He Carried Glasgow Smile

This refers to a signature that a Scottish gang uses in order to scar their opponents and enemies.

13. He Improvised The Explosion

Heath actually had the detonator in his hand and he controlled when the bomb will activate. The detonator jammed and this scene was not in the script, it was his contribution.

14. The Mask

In the bank robbery scene, he is wearing some kind of mask. It was a mask that Cesar Romero, the first actor to portray the Joker, wore in an episode of the Batman TV show from the 1960s.

15. His Death Was A Shock And It Struck Everyone

Unfortunately, Heath Ledger died while Christopher Nolan was editing the movie. During the promotion of ‘The Dark Knight,’ Nolan explained to the press: “I see him everyday in my edit suite … I study his face, his voice. And I miss him terribly.”

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15 Shocking Facts About Heath Ledger’s Role Of Joker
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